Pinball/Arcade Machines

My Pinball Collection

My pinball collection:

My Pinball History:

  •  1977 Bally: Evel Knievel
  •  1992 Data East: Lethal Weapon 3
  •  1995 Williams: Dirty Harry
  •  1988 Data East: Secret Service

My Pinball Wishlist:

  •  1992 Data East: Star Wars
  •  1999 Bally: Revenge From Mars
  •  2008 Stern: Indiana Jones
  •  1993 Bally: Twilight Zone
  •  1995 Bally: Theatre of Magic
  •  1992 Bally: The Addams Family

My Arcade Collection

My Arcade collection:

My Arcade History:

  • none

My Arcade Wishlist:

One thought on “Pinball/Arcade Machines

  1. Hi! Do you still have any spare parts for your “Pinball by Stern” pinball machine? I am looking for the left middle plastic piece. I’ve been looking for years.

    Please let me know.


    Nap Pepin – Alberta Canada

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