Model Trains

 Model Trains

20100626 GTS Go Train
Ever since I was a kid, watching Thomas the Tank Engine, I’ve always been fascinated by trains, more specifically, model trains. In my older years, I primarily collect Go Transit and Via Rail in HO scale. This is simply because these are the trains that run local to me, and I’ve always found passenger trains to be more appealing then freight trains. I’ve been collecting about 2006, and I’m always on the hunt for new things in HO. I plan to run my collection when I can make a layout large enough to operate these trains. My collection is not limited to one manufacturer, but simply anything to scale, that has Go Transit logos, or Via Rail markings.

My primary focus at this point is to collect all of the Go Transit cars that were published by Athearn. As most of these production runs were from as early as 2000, it makes sourcing these items exceedingly difficult. To view my current collections for both Go and Via, click the links below.

Go Transit – HO Scale
Via Rail – HO Scale


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